Each week, we deliver a wide variety of delicious, fresh produce. Our selections range from the tried-and-true to the delightfully adventurous. What's in store this week? Find out now!

Customize each order with favorites like grass-fed beef, free range eggs, and handcrafted local artisan goods.

Did you know...? Knowing your growers makes your food taste better! As a local business , we're proud to partner with these local producers. Read up on our tireless farm owners and artisans who fill your box each week with fresh, nutritious foods.

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With a passion for supporting our local farms and dedication to healthy eating, we provide fresh, farmer's market foods with the convenience of a delivered subscription box. It's so easy and more affordable than you might think. Learn More!

Find a worm in your corn? That's because it's non-GMO! But have no fear, we will credit your account for any product that is unsatisfactory.

We know life gets a little crazy sometimes. You can put your deliveries on hold or suspend your account just by just logging into your online member profile.

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