We work to ensure that our employees, our farm partners, and our food artisans share our values. Our policies are designed to support our team, our partners, our customers, and the community around us to thrive.

Our Mission
Our mission is three-fold: 1) To connect local farmers and food artisans to you and your family. 2) To provide you with with the freshest, highest quality produce, and 3) To provide fair compensation to our farmers and artisans for their incredibly hard work.

We are so proud of our hard working farmers and artisans that we've dedicated this page to showcase them! Front Porch Pickings works with many small & medium farms to large farms all over the state of Florida - and a few sprinkled in Georgia and South Carolina. Working with multiple farms accross the state helps us provide you with the best quality and the best variety of produce while staying true to our local roots!



Make Locally-Grown Produce Available to Your Employees. Front Porch Pickings teams up with Jacksonville, Daytona and Orlando businesses to make local produce more readily available to our residents. Our service can enhance your company's corporate wellness programs with minimal time and no out-of-pocket costs. 



Are you a parent, grandparent, or teacher looking for a healthy alternative to your school’s fundraising events? Look no further, we have the answer for you. Our $26 Local Farm Box is a the perfect healthy choice for your schools fundraising!